We are committed to transparency in our business practices. This requires us to be upfront and open about our prices for both services and related products.

And for a business to be truly transparent, the staff needs to follow certain rules or guidelines that keep everyone accountable for their words and actions.

It’s easy to see that if our funeral home pulls this way yesterday and that way tomorrow when it comes to openness, communication and accountability, families would quickly lose their trust in us.

And trust is everything.

After all, the services we provide are unique, and the people we serve are in a very vulnerable position. We consider trust to be an essential part of the relationship we develop with the families we serve.


When It's a Question of Money


For families faced with the death of someone dear to them, it quickly becomes clear that funerals rank among the most expensive purchases they may ever make. A traditional funeral, including a casket and vault, costs about $6,000, although "extras" like flowers, obituary notices, acknowledgment cards or limousines can add thousands of dollars to the bottom line. Many funerals run well over $10,000. And then, there is the cost of a burial plot, and marker. The final costs can be overwhelming for the average family.

Yet even if you're the kind of person who feels very comfortable price-shopping for a new car or home appliance, you're likely to feel very uncomfortable comparing prices or negotiating over the details and cost of a funeral, whether it’s a pre-need or immediate need situation.

We offer our families economical options to accommodate their financial needs.










You MUST be the closest LIVING next of kin as defined under FLORIDA LAW.  The Next of Kin order is as follows below:


1.  If the deceased was MARRIED or MARRIED BUT SEPERATED, the spouse must use their name to fill out ALL of the documents.  If the person was divorced OR widowed, then go to line 2 below.

2.  If there is NO SPOUSE, then it MUST be ONE ADULT child (regardless of how many children).  ONE ADULT child will sign these documents on behalf of the ENTIRE family.  If there are NO ADULT CHILDREN, then go to line 3 below.

3.  If there is NO living SPOUSE or ADULT CHILDREN, then it must be a PARENT.  Either parent can do the documentation.  If there is NO PARENT, then go to line 4 below.

4.  If there is NO SPOUSE, ADULET CHILDREN, OR PARENT, then the deceased SIBLING can fill out the documentation (regardless of how many siblings there are).  One sibling will sign on behalf of the entire family.  If there are NO SIBLINGS, then go to line 5 below.

5.  If there is NO ONE in the above order to fill out documentation: call the funeral director.


CLICK HERE to start the Cremation Documentation ON-LINE:



Our General Price List


If you’re currently price-shopping for funeral services and products, we encourage you to download a copy of our current Price List. You’ll be able to print it out, and use it in funeral planning conversations with family members involved in making decisions.

We know it may be well worth taking the time to call around to compare prices before committing to any particular funeral home, product or service. That’s why we make our General Price List available to you through our website.

We encourage you to research your options, talk it over, and make the best decision for yourself and your loved ones.

Should you need any additional information, please call us. We will explain all your options thoroughly and clearly, as part of our commitment to transparency...and our commitment to you.


Download Our General Pricelist

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