Tribute Crowdfunding

We understand it’s stressful figuring out how to cover your loved one's funeral expenses. That’s why we want to provide our families with a variety of funeral payment options. Every family’s situation is different, so you need a funeral payment solution that works for your family. And that solution may be crowdfunding.

With Tribute Crowdfunding, your family can plan the funeral that your loved one deserves. Beyond that, there is much more that you can use our crowdfunding tool for. It can be used for medical expenses, a tribute or memorial fund, child college fund, charity donation, or many other reasons. Just tell us your campaign’s purpose, goal, and timeline, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Tribute Crowdfunding is conveniently located directly on your loved one’s Tribute Wall. This makes it easy for people to locate and donate to your campaign. They can choose to leave their name or remain anonymous when donating. You also can spread the word by sharing the campaign on your social media accounts.

Crowdfunding allows your community to come together and provide support during this challenging time. For more information about Tribute Crowdfunding, call us at (305) 325-1171.

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